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  • Self Drilling Anchor Bolts System

    Self drilling anchor system is comprised of a hollow threaded anchor bar with a sacrificial drill bit that performs drilling, anchoring and grouting in a single operation.

  • Self Drilling Injection Bolts

    Self drilling anchor system is mainly used in slope stabilization, tunneling pre-support, foundations with micro piles etc job, which is widely used in mining, tunneling, railway metro, construction etc projects.

  • Mine Tunnel Roof Support Anchor Bolt

    We are professional manufacturer and produce these items by our selves, we have totally advantage in the whole market, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Self Drilling TC Button Drill Bit

    ESS: button bit with TC inserts for medium rock formations

  • Tungsten Carbide Cross Drill Bit

    EXX: TC cross bit for soft to medium rock formations.
    Drill bits are used for strong fractured rock formations.It belongs to Self-drilling anchor tools parts
    We are professional manufacturer and produce these items by our selves, we have totally advantage in...

  • Self Drilling Domed Nut

    We have a very strict quality controlling system which promises that all the goods we produced are always of the best quality.

  • Widia Button Bit ESS

    It also called Tungston carbid button bit, this type is very popular in the market, it suitble for medium rock formations.

  • Casted Clay Bit

    Casted clay bit is suitable for soft clay and soil.
    We can supply all kinds of anchor bit for your choice.

  • Self Drilling Cross Drill Bit

    It belongs to the part of self drilling anchor system, different drill bit suit of different ground conditions, this steel cross anchor bit is for loose to medium dense ground condition, the price is cheaper than Tungston carbid insert drill bit.

  • Self Drilling Anchor Coupler

    Anchor coupler or called coupling sleeve, which is used to extend the anchor string as required length.

  • Self Drilling Hex Nut

    Anchor nut is used to lock the anchor system, make sure the anchor string is fastened with anchoring site, there usually have hexagonal and spherical two designs

  • Self Drilling Anchor Plates

    Anchor plate is used to make sure anchor site fastened, there usually have solid and domed two designs.

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