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Self Drilling Anchor System

Self Drilling Anchor System

Self drilling anchor system is comprised of a hollow threaded anchor bar with a sacrificial drill bit that performs drilling, anchoring and grouting in a single operation....

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Self drilling anchor bolts system

The self drilling anchor is composed of a high strength, fully threaded hollow bar, disposable drill bit and other essential parts such as coupler, screw nut, plate, etc. The design concept is to bring the drilling, injection plus anchoring functions into one supporting element, which brings a very wide range of applications in geotechnical field. 

The single pass operation significantly improves productivity when compared with the traditional rock bolt or anchor. It can also be installed by a small drill machine or hand-held leg hammer, which enables the applications to reach difficult or limited access areas. It means the slope protection work in difficult areas becomes possible with better functional anchors. 

Drilling & grouting simultaneously covers the anchor completely with cement grout body, which achieves double corrosion protection in permanent anchoring work, better bonding with surrounding ground, thus creating higher loading capacity, and minimum disturbance to the environment during installation. 

In recent years, in the case of loose or poor geology condition, the self-drilling anchor is widely used to replace the SN rock bolt or traditional grouted rebar bolt. The self drilling anchor is drilled into the longitudinal direction as short fore-poling or long fore-piling to provide advanced support before tunnel excavation work begins.


10-20 days after confirming order, detail delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.


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